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How To Turn A Small Backyard Into An Elegant Oasis

Original Article: https://houseandhome.com/video/how-to-turn-a-small-backyard-into-an-elegant-oasis/

Living in the city has its perks, but having a home with a big backyard isn’t one of them. Horticultural landscape technician Joshua Hollander proves that a lack of square-footage doesn’t mean a lack of potential. Get backyard landscaping ideas and learn how he transforms a small backyard into an elegant outdoor space perfect for summer entertaining.

Over two summers, Joshua made a variety of savvy changes to the urban area. He divided the space into different zones, including a backyard patio, intimate seating area, lounge section and surrounding gardens. Tall trees and a custom cedar screen add privacy, while low-maintenance plants offer easy elegance. Other decorative features include boxwood hedge and ornamental grass. Soft lighting adds a glow after dark, making the backyard ideal for evening entertaining.