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Cursing Condo Fees!

Many people tell me they love the idea of condos for all the good reasons (freedom, lock the door and go, peace of mind, modern fittings and finishes, no more snow, built in community, contemporary layouts, great locations, convenient amenities) but just simply won’t consider buying one because they can’t stomach the idea of paying condo fees.

I call their bluff…..they are just  not ready for a condo move.

To replicate the level of amenities and service that one gets in a condo, to fully quantify all of the operating costs of a detached home and also to contribute monthly to a slush fund for future major expenditures, condominium fees start to look like a bargain.

Well, that may be excessive, but you know what I mean.

I fully admit that one has to willingly and gleefully embrace the condo lifestyle.  If you want to save money by cutting your own grass and cleaning your eaves troughs and shoveling snow, you are not a good condo candidate. But if you are ready to embrace the hassle-free condo lifestyle the condo fees are part of the package.

Watch for my next post where I will dive into why condo fees vary from building to building.

Thanks for reading!!