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8 Spring Decorating Ideas 2021: Make Your Interior Design Bloom

Seasons are a splendid excuse for revamping, sprucing, and enhancing your interior design. Winter is turning a corner, so inviting new pieces and experimenting with fresh colors and lines is the thing to do. We asked for expert advice from our team of professional interior designers and with buzzing anticipation, here are several spring decorating ideas that will make your space pop, blossom, and bloom.

1. Raw Wood: Spring Decorating Essential

Interior renovation of La Jolla, California residence completed by Corine Maggio Natural Designs.

Coastal dining room with spring home decor by Decorilla interior designer, Corine M.


Wood is an essential material in creating comfort, warmth and organic beauty to a space. By keeping it raw, the tones, grooves, and imperfections act as a work of art in your spring interior design. Found in the form of a side table, wall art, or even spanning across the ceiling, for example, this is definitely nature’s spring decorating idea.

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2. Pastel and Bright Accents in Spring Home Decor

spring interior design trends

Bright living room for a fresh spring interior design by Decorilla interior designer, Michelle B.


Pastels are just synonymous with spring and do the perfect job at freshening up your spring home decor. Both gentle and airy, these hues offer an environment of tranquility so greatly desired in our fast-paced, hectic lives. Whether as accent pillows, wall color or decor pieces, these pastels in spring home decor add a softness that comes with springtime. In contrast, bright colors can also be used for a more bold use of color reminiscent of vibrant spring blooms. 

3. Mindful Spring Decorating Ideas

spring interior design trends

Design accents by Decorilla interior designer, Corrine M.


As the first season of the year, Spring inspires reflecting and goal making. Also among interior design trends 2021, sustainable repurposing is making a statement in homes across the country. Dive into some serious spring cleaning by purging of unnecessary books and knick-knacks. Decorilla designer, Ivonne T., suggests up cycling as a perfect spring decorating idea. Give an outdated console table new life with a fresh coat of paint or reupholster an armchair. Let your creativity run wild. 

4. Spring Decorating Ideas: Make Neutrals Pop

spring bedroom interior design pops

Timeless bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Joseph G.


If pastels aren’t your thing, this spring decorating idea is one that’s tried and true. Neutrals do the trick of both opening a space and creating a canvas for accentuated pieces of decor.

spring decorating ideas living room pops of color

Color pop can be bold and vitalizing or subtle and moving. Either way, infusing a space with fun pillows, a dramatic abstract painting, or a single saturated accent chair can certainly add new life to your interior design.

5. Textured Pottery in Spring Home Decor


A popular trend seen in spring interior design is the use of textured ceramics or pottery as accent decor. In color or neutral, bowls and vases with tactile lines and patterns add an interesting dimension. Leave the vases to make a statement on their own or fill them will seasonal florals for an added freshness in your spring home decor. 

6. Add A Statement Pendant

library design online lighting

Cozy library by Decorilla interior designer, Michelle B.


Chandeliers have a way of ooh-ing and ahh-ing but this spring, make a statement with a funky, fab, beautiful pendant. Oversized or whimsical, these lighting fixtures become an instant focal point and design refresher. A professional designer can assist with the perfect selection and overall interior design help.

7. Update Bedding With Playful Sheets 

playful spring interior design bed sheets

Teen bedroom with spring home decor bedding by Decorilla interior designer, Lauren A.


This year, we’re veering from plain white sheets towards more playful and colorful options. Natural motifs like birds and flowers are simple spring decorating ideas that bring the outside in. Bold shapes and patterns also add a gaiety to the bedroom design. Furthermore, be sure to choose lighter fabrics for the warmer weather on its way. 

8. Muted Metallics in Spring Home Decor

spring interior design metals

Living/dining room by Decorilla interior designer, Corine M.


Gone are the winter days that beckon the use of shiny finishes to share light in spaces. Low shine accent decor is a great spring decorating idea that keeps metallics in the mix. Lamps and furniture that have antiqued or brushed metallic finishes offer a weathered, vintage look that is beautiful and subtle.

spring interior design trends metals

Light and airy spring interior design for a new build bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Tina G.


Welcome this new season with these spring decorating ideas to freshen up your home decor. Incorporating one or more of these interior design trends for spring will help you create a seasonably stylish home that’s sure to feel classy and welcoming for family and friends.