Enhance Your Condo’s Greenspace with these Tips!

Life in the concrete jungle can still include its share of nature. Give your condo a dose of natural inspiration by including plants in your decor–both indoors and outdoors.

Chic and interesting green landscapes can be achieved in your condo, regardless of the size of your space. Check out these 5 Tips to Enhance your Condo’s Greenspace.

Incorporate Greenspace All Throughout Your Condo

In the warmer months, when the sun is shining through your condo, almost any area will accommodate greenery. Think of plants as you would decor, to enhance your home’s surrounding. A focal point draws the eye in to where it’s wanted (and away from where it’s not wanted). Place greenery everywhere throughout your condo from a display on the dining table, to your mantle, or to draw the eye towards your view. This gives a space more visual interest, and at the same time, makes other unwanted views disappear. In the cold Canadian winter months, having green space sprinkled throughout your condominium keeps things feeling fresh, giving you a much needed dose of nature.

Think of Texture


Big, bold tropical plants create a lush feel, especially in a small landscape. Their large leaves can change the scale of a smaller space and help it feel larger. Whether solid green or variegated, their interesting look is unparalleled. Armed with spines, edged with teeth or clothed in masses of small rounded leaves, succulents also offer exciting texture and form, which can be heightened further with contrasting smooth or simple containers. The baby umbrella tree, a miniature of the larger species, has whorls of thick leaflets that tolerate indoors very well, and needs little if any pruning to keep it in bounds. Traditionally such plants have been displayed indoors, but all can be grown outdoors in summer on a sunny sheltered balcony.

Go Vertical

In a condo there tends to be less vertical than horizontal restrictions on your space. Features such as high ceilings and vast windows of sun-facing glass, give you ample opportunity for living decor. Place hanging planters inside, on the walls to maximize use of your space. Turn your bare balcony walls into foliage masterpieces, giving you the feel of being immersed within nature. Vines and tall floor planters with plants that will grow up instead of outward leaves you precious floor space for outdoor seating.

Place Bold and Bright Colours Prominently


Count on colour to enhance any space, regardless of its size. Incorporate variations of greens into your condo’s colour palette. Where possible, place bold, bright colours front and centre, where they’ll be admired. They demand attention first, allowing the rest of the space to flow away, making the space look larger than it really is. Orchids are a good value, as they bloom for three to four months. Many indoor plants can be moved outside during the warmer months. If you’re looking for something a bit heartier, but you want colour and longevity, Kalanchoes are a great option. This flowering plant can handle the heat and adds height and tons of colour to the foliage to your balcony.

Edible Gardens


Living in a condo doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands a little dirty. If you’re lucky enough to have a south- or west-facing window or balcony and get at least six hours of sun, you can grow almost anything you would normally grow in the ground. Cherry tomatoes, basil and a pot of chives are an ideal starting point. These selections are versatile foods and a sinch to grow. If you’re not quite so lucky and don’t face the sun, tomatoes won’t be an option for you, however you can still grow delicious edible plants in your condo. Chives will survive anything and are a great option, along with lettuce, Swiss chard and other leafy greens. Lettuce doesn’t need a deep pot, it just needs to keep hydrated, so even if all you have is a shallow window box, you can still grow your salad fixings at home.

Original Article: https://www.devmcgill.com/en/blog/bring-spring-to-your-condo-5-tips-to-enhance-your-condos-green-space/

Canada Day 2019!

Bring your national pride to celebrate Canada Day downtown Burlington on Monday July 1st. Enjoy free Canadian-inspired activities and entertainment all day at Spencer Smith Park.

Start you day at 9am with yoga by the pier and continue the fun into the night with Burlingtons unforgettable fireworks show starting at 10pm.

Enjoy numerous other event highlights including: stilt walkers, face painters, hair artists, giant inflatables, sampling booths, great food, vendors and lots of true Canadian spirit!

Date and Time:
Monday, July 1, 2019 02:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Spencer Smith Park
1400 Lakeshore Rd

Burlington, Ontario, L7S 1Y2

Renters beware: Rental scams continue in Hamilton

Hamilton, ON (June 18, 2019) – The REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB) would like to issue a warning to the public that rental scams continue to take place within the City of Hamilton. RAHB continues to receive reports from REALTOR® members who find their for-sale properties posted without permission for rent on various online classified websites.

RAHB encourages potential renters to be aware of a listing that seems too good to be true.

“Prospective renters should always view a property beforehand, and obtain a phone number and office location for the landlord. When working with a REALTOR®, a business card would be provided,” says RAHB President Bob Van de Vrande. “With increasing demand for rental housing, renters need to be extra cautious and exercise good judgement.”

If you see or are affected by a rental scam, Hamilton Police Services suggests reporting the ad to the website where the rental is posted, working with your financial institution if money has been sent, and reporting incidents to local police services and the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre at 1.888.495.8501.

To prevent yourself from being a victim of a rental scam, RAHB and Hamilton Police Services recommend before any money is exchanged, going to the rental property and meeting the landlord; conducting research on listed properties, such as a quick search of the property address on REALTOR.ca; being aware of the language used because often the scammer will attempt to make the situation feel like an exchange between friends; and remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

“When in doubt, check the information or get in touch with a REALTOR® who can quickly verify the ownership of the property for you,” adds Van de Vrande. “Never send money online without having verified that you are working with a legitimate landlord or brokerage.”

Original Article: https://www.rahb.ca/rahb-realtors-release-june2019-statistics/

May Stats are Here!

Hamilton, ON (June 3, 2019) – The REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB) reported 1,344 sales of residential properties located within the RAHB market area were processed through the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) System in May 2019. This is a 10.9 per cent increase from May last year, as well as a 9.6 per cent increase over April 2019 and a 30.2 per cent increase over March 2019. The average price for residential properties increased by 0.9 per cent from May 2018 to $593,702.

“The number of sales increased double digits over last year and the number of new listings decreased by 5.2 per cent, indicating that we are in the thick of a busy spring market for sellers,” says RAHB President Bob Van de Vrande. “And prices only increasing an average of 0.9 per cent over last year means buyers haven’t watched prices soar while they find the perfect home.”

The number of sales for single family properties within the entire RAHB market increased by 6.3 per cent compared to the same month last year, and the average sale price increased by 0.5 per cent. Townhouse sales activity across the entire RAHB market area increased from May 2018 by 21.8 per cent, and the average townhouse sale price rose by 3.7 per cent to $507,400. Apartment-style property sales increased by 20 per cent over May 2018, and the average price increased by 8.3 per cent.

“When we talk about the ‘RAHB market’, we’re referring to four separate communities – Hamilton, Burlington, Haldimand and Niagara North,” adds Van de Vrande. “The activity experienced in one community may not be taking place in another for a variety of reasons, and that’s why it’s so important for consumers and sellers to use a local REALTOR® who knows the trends within their area.”

Specific neighbourhoods within the overall RAHB market area see results that often differ from the average of the entire RAHB market area. Because neighbourhoods vary, determining the right price and conditions when buying or selling a property can be challenging. Local RAHB REALTORS® have the experience, knowledge and tools to help buyers and sellers make those big decisions.